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Enchanted Party Policies

What we provide:

  • Decorated Venue

  • Plates, Cups, Cutlery and Napkin(We have reusable plates,cups and cutlery to create the smallest environmental impact for our community.)

  • Cake and snack stands

  • Princess in full costume

  • Music

  • Photo Backdrop

  • Tiara for Birthday child

  • Small take home gift for each child

  • (craft project for Royal party bookings)

What you provide:

  • Birthday Cake

  • Beverages and food

  • Parent supervision  You provide parent supervision for the children you bring into our venue.  (A ratio of 1 parent for every 5 children to a maximum of  3 parents in attendance.)  Our staff are not responsible for the behavior of the children in attendance.  Please make sure that the parents in your group are ready to be attentive to the party kids so everyone can have a lovely party experience.

  • Birthday gifts / Goody bags You can have cake and open presents with or without our Princess.  Please let us know when you would like to do these and whether you would like our Princess to participate so we can plan the activities accordingly.  You can bring your goody bags for your party kids and have the Princess hand them out, or you can do that yourself as kids leave at the end of the venue rental time.

Please Note:

Your party time begins and ends with the times you have booked.  All children leave with the party host (parent who booked the venue) as we have scheduled clean up and re set directly after your party in preparation for the next party.  Children are not permitted to remain at the venue past your booking time.

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